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The Sun, Moon, Clouds & Ocean On Hutchinson Island.

People ask “Do you ever get tired of living on the beach?”
My answer “Never. It’s Always A Beautiful Day On Hutchinson Island!”


Full Moon In Our Backyard!!!

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Full Moon In Our Backyard!!!

What a romantic and amazing evening. Mike and I held hands and walked on the beach in awe of the beauty that surrounds us here on Hutchinson Island. This is paradise. Living here is like being on vacation everyday. On the tour tonight this beautiful full moon, pelicans flying in perfect formation overhead and no other sound but the music of the ocean.
“It’s Always A Beautiful Day & Night On Hutchinson Island”

Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach, FL

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Another Beautiful Day On Hutchinson Island

Your Ocean View

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Your View Everyday from Your New Home!

Call Mike & RoseMary today.

Memorial Day

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Memorial day commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service.  Please remember these men and women for they gave  their lives so we could have the freedom that we have today.

And thank you to the men and women who are now serving and protecting this great country the United States Of America.   May we never forget these heroes.

God Bless our troops.

Beautiful Morning on Hutchinson Island Turns To Trajedy

I live on the seventh floor in a South East Corner unit.  My view is spectacular, ocean and river views from every window.  Another beautiful Saturday morning on Hutchinson Island.  Sitting at my computer I heard a plane outside which is not unusual we have planes and helicopters fly by everyday but this plane was much lower than other planes so I got up and walked over to my balcony.  I went to open the door  and the plane went up I thought  it was doing some sort of stunt and then  it nose dived right into the ocean.  Is this a joke? A dream? No it was real, horrific and real.  The plane just disappeared there was no explosion, no debris just gone.  I grabbed my phone and dialed 911.  “I live on Hutchinson Island and a plane just crashed into the ocean” the 911 operater asked a plane?  Yes I said shaking but trying to remain calm to give the information.  She asked for my address and said they were sending help.  Luckily there was a Sheriffs helicopter in the area so he was here in minutes.  There were surfers a little North of the crash and they were amazing trying to get to the crash sight, also people were jumping in the water to see if they could help.  I was hysterical I could not believe what I had just witnessed. I immediately began to pray. Praying for survivors and the family of whoever was on the plane.

Divers came and as time went on we all began to think that now there may not be survivors. Someone said the impact would have killed them.  The divers removed the bodies of the two men from the plane. 

I wonder and think that this pilot may have been a hero though the plane was not smoking or making any unusual noise he must have known he had problems.  There were so many people on the beach, there was a wedding, and for some unknown reason there was no one in the water in the crash area.  Usually there are surfers and boaters.  This pilot was a hero, he could have crashed into a building or onto the beach.  I will believe that the pilot sacrificed his life for the lives of others.

So much sadness filled my heart that day and I continue to pray for the families of the two men. 

There were many heroes that day the surfers, swimmers, divers, Sheriffs department and yes even the pilot.

I still cannot understand why this happened here right in front of me but it did and it made me realize that Life is a gift. Life is precious, enjoy it, use it, and treasure it.  Don’t put it on the shelf, don’t regift it, and don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Life can be over in just seconds.  So if there is someone that you need to make amends with do it today don’t wait.

Hutchinson Island

Another beautiful morning walk on the Beach. Watching the sun rise, boats out on the horizon, birds flying overhead and listening to the waves crash.  A peace that can clear any mind. 

 I start out by greeting the fishermen who are out there every morning.  Looking to the North I see no one so that will be my destination. I put on my headset and off I go. Now with no  in sight I begin singing and dancing to the music in my IPod. No one in sight on the beach but what about the people on their balconies.  I guess the fisherman, birds, and I are not the only ones up this early. Oh I can only imagine what they are thinking.  Hopefully no one will call the police about the crazy lady on the beach.

 As I head back I see a young man on his ATV and another beautiful sight he is roping off an area.  Yes the turtles are back it is Turtle season. So I say to you all “ Its Always a Beautiful Day On Hutchinson Island.”

Welcome to Treasure Coast Property!

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Welcome to our new blog, Treasure Coast Property! We’re very excited about our new blog and look forward to sharing our real estate knowledge and expertise with the world!

We’re also very excited to share our new website, Real Estate In Hutchinson Island, with our readers which features our lasting listings of homes for sales, ocean view condos and waterfront properties for sale on the beautiful Treasure Coast of Florida including Hutchinson Island, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie, Jupiter and Hobe Sound.

Hutchinson Island Homes for Sale

Welcome to Paradise!